Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays!!!

I am having much more time on my hands so I will be doing nails more PLUS (be excited) posting more photos. Also I got a new camera from Santa. But until I get on top of my game, this will be just a picture one.

These were one of my favorites:

Pretty hey?

These next ones were just marbly and fun:

The next ones I did were the caviar nails. I have to say... It's really cool...until they fall off which is like all the time. It's super annoying so I decided to take them off after a while. Dont put the beads on until you're about to go out.

Pretty but annoying.. so pretty annoying...:)

These were my other water marbling project.. I put sparkles on it to make it prettier


And these were my Christmas nails. I love how they turned out. Especially the penguin

Anyways, I hope you liked these and I hope to post more soon. Happy New Year!!!