Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Where is spring??

Hey all. I am so depressed because this weather is horrible. Tomorrow is the first day of spring and yet here we are with a storm again. MAKE IT STOP!!!!

So here are my nail pics from a while.

These I did for Winter Carnival up here. The team is black and yellow. It fits

I LOVE these. They were for Valentines obviously. They were brighter in person but I really like how they came together.

These were horrible to autograph. Drives me nuts. I used my stamper for these.
Naked nails. I just wanted to show everyone that yes these are my real nails and they look darn good.

Water marbling is super fun except that the blue was low so I couldn't use as much. Sorry for the dry cuticles.

This was my first attempt at the ombre nails. I don't think I did it very well but practice makes perfect.

I went on vacation and I bought a LOT of nail polish. It's a little pathetic but I used them so it's ok. The ombre ones were actually part of a China Glaze kit that I bought at Sally's.

Anyways I hope you all stay warm :)