Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Monday!

Hey Everyone! Happy Monday to all and all of us who have to work 2nd shift. I guess fall has really set in which is fine except now I'm cold all of the time.

So anyways- I thought I would be all cool and do my nails for fall. I had a dark blue background and I had a scrap booking cutout thingy that was in the shape of a leaf. I cut out of tape and painted a flakie a color on my nail. Let me tell you. It was terrible. Only one of my nails looked any type of decent design so I took it off immediately. Then I did something else.

The sparkly color is ORLY Bubbly Bombshell. All of the nude nails are OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons and then I used my dotting tools to make the different size polka dots.

Whenever I can't figure out what to do to my nails, I always put on a textured polish. I am in LOVE with the new Zoya pixie dust polishes. However, I'm trying to give my nails a little TLC so they are NAKED!!!

Shield your eyes!!!!

Ok so this isn't nail related but there is this girl who I follow on instagram. She makes clay pieces and she is UNBELIEVABLE! I really wanted her chocolate chip cookie earrings and then I thought maybe we could do a cupcake that she has only different. I wanted it to be chocolate icing and a chocolate cupcake and instead of a cherry like she has on her other ones, I wanted sprinkles. She sent me a picture of the finished products and I am so so impressed and excited. They look amazing and I can't wait to get them!

How adorable are these. And they are very small which I like. I think these would be perfect for any age. I will post pictures when I get them.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

These are my favorite

Ok so the other posts were all nice and everything but some of these have been my favorite so far. Let me know what you think!!

Oh the water marble.. this one actually turned out very well

This ombre turned out really well. IMHO

These were my 4th of July nails- Inspired by The nail machine.

Apparently the clouds are my go to stamp :)

This has to be the prettiest polish ever. It's from Rue 21 and I dont think that anything could go wrong with hot pink mixed with bright blue sparkles...

My work was having a butterfly releasing party so I did these to inspire :)

I was going for "vintage flowers"

These were much brighter in person

I finally got my hands on OPI liquid sand Pussy Galore and it was so pink and fun I had to put candy on it. Sadly my hands go in and out of gloves so much that the black wore off a bit

These are my girly bad ass nails. Dont mess with me ;) jk

Happy Birthday to me!!! These were my birthday nails. I loved them all except I wish I had done a different color on the base of the pinky

These are by far my favorite little creations I've ever done. It blended so perfectly. I honestly think that's the best cheetah I've ever done.

China Glaze Textured polish. Felt very funny with the added polka dots

These were inspired from the winner of my contest for my engagement photos :) I will post a few of those as soon as I'm allowed to. Darn copywrite...

And lastly we have these.. which are on my nails right now. I was going to water marble but one of my polishes did this spotty thing. That, however, is very ironic since I can never get water spotting to work. I also added some China Glaze Fairy Dust because sparkles make everything better.

Anyways, I will post again tomorrow. Tell your friends I'm back. And if you need find me on instagram @fancyphalanges

I'm bad... I know

Ok I know I've been saying this for the last 3 posts but I swear... This is the last time I leave you for a long time. It's been a while since I've posted so it's going to be a bunch of nail posts.. I feel like I'm getting more into nail art rather than just painting my nails a color.

These were fun. I used Essie Bikini So Teenie and a stamping plate.

These were my Easter nails. My favorite was the sheep. Baaaa!

Water marbling :D

Polka dots that matched one of my shirts

My fun drip nails. Reminds me of doughnuts :)

This is Mod Nails Technicolor Noise. I loved how fun this was. I needed to cut my nails asap because this is just way too long.

I did these for my boyfriends graduation. Michigan Tech. YAY!

This is Wicked Polish Pox with just a cheetah on top.

This is another Mod color. I cant remember off hand what it was called but it reminded me of one of those giant jaw breakers..

Everyone kept telling me that these reminded them of leaves.. However I was going for tribal.. Oh well...

These were my Memorial Day nails. What better way to show your support than with flags on your fingers?

Another water marble

This is Wicked Polish- Drunk in Public. I am pretty sure this is my all time favorite polish. I need more of it because it is used so often...

I even added some chevrons to them. I painted a piece of tape and cut pieces with scrap booking scissors and then put a topcoat. Sadly it didn't last long. They peeled off quickly.

Well this is going to be the first post since I have left you all (whoever you are that reads this) in the dark of my manicures.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Where is spring??

Hey all. I am so depressed because this weather is horrible. Tomorrow is the first day of spring and yet here we are with a storm again. MAKE IT STOP!!!!

So here are my nail pics from a while.

These I did for Winter Carnival up here. The team is black and yellow. It fits

I LOVE these. They were for Valentines obviously. They were brighter in person but I really like how they came together.

These were horrible to autograph. Drives me nuts. I used my stamper for these.
Naked nails. I just wanted to show everyone that yes these are my real nails and they look darn good.

Water marbling is super fun except that the blue was low so I couldn't use as much. Sorry for the dry cuticles.

This was my first attempt at the ombre nails. I don't think I did it very well but practice makes perfect.

I went on vacation and I bought a LOT of nail polish. It's a little pathetic but I used them so it's ok. The ombre ones were actually part of a China Glaze kit that I bought at Sally's.

Anyways I hope you all stay warm :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Give away and swap??

Hey all!

I'm really hoping to have a giveaway soon but I dont really know how many of you actually read this. Also I'd like to get a few more followers so for all of you who suggest this giveaway on your blog gets an extra one. Sound good? I'm planning on giving away a Floam and also some new Mariah Carey liquid sand.

As for a swap. I am looking for someone out there who would be willing to swap some polishes with me. Just for a change :) let me know in an email or in the comments..

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Nails

Hey all! I'm sorry that these keep coming in chunks at a time. I'll try to get better with that. I hope you all had a great New Years! I did. The wonderful bf bought me new konad stamps. What a doll.

Anyways, I went to Ulta and saw Mariah Carey's new collection and the ONLY liquid sand they had left were the teeny tiny mini bottles so I bought a few of those. This is my favorite.

Pretty pink sparkles. Love it!

So the next ones are my new favorite stamp. I don't know why I like it so much... The blue is also BEAUTIFUL

The next ones are another konad. Not my favorite but it got the job done :)

The next ones are pretty but hard to see when not in good light.

The next I got off of Chloe's Nails blog. My friend said they looked slutty :)

The next were my polka dot nails. I liked these a lot but they bugged me since the dots weren't exact. I'm OCD sorry.. :)

These alst ones were my favorite. I loved these lots and lots. I was going for bright and colorful :)

I wont be posting for a while though. I broke 3 of my nails the other night so I cut them very short. I hope they grow fast and I'll show you my designs when they do. Bye all!!