Saturday, May 5, 2012

Back on schedule

Hey all. Ok I know I said I would post last night but these 2 jobs are really getting to me. Don't get me wrong. I do love working at both places. I just feel like that is all I do. Welcome to adulthood right? BLECH!

Anyways since I was doing clinicals every Tuesday and now I'm not, I can change my polish more :) Yay! Here are two posts and then you will be caught up to what I have on my nails right now. (That will be a surprise to the end of the post)

First one I did was exactly like the one I have done before. First I used Jesse's Girl Babycakes and then taped off the sides painted Pure Ice in white and Konaded the leopard print on with Wet and Wild black.

I really like this design so that is why I repeated it. I wont lie to you. It will probably not be the last time you see it either. :)

OK! Onto the next design...

I do Harris Poll surveys every now and again and I let my points build up so that I could get a $20 gift card from Amazon. Guess what I bought? RIGHT! Nail polish. I needed more topcoat so I bought two of those, plus I got China Glaze Aquadelic, OPI Dating a Royal, and LA Girl Glitter Uninhibited. I also ordered a nail polish that is on my fingers right now and I will give you a hint at the end of the post.

So for these nails I had on China Glaze Aquadelic which is a really pretty blue color. Or aqua. Ha! And then I put some of the black glitter, which I have been DYING to have, over it.

Isn't it a pretty combo??

I LOVE black and aqua together and I received many complements on it. Though some were confused as to how the black shatter (from OPI) could do something like that. :)

Ok so I have been on the waiting list for this stuff for a while now. I seriously gave up. One night I was laying awake and my phone went off telling me it was back in stock. I went to the website as fast as I could and their server was down. No matter which way I refreshed, it wouldn't let me in. So I gave up. Right before I turned my laptop off and went to bed, I decided to check one more time. Guess what? I got it :D I was so excited I couldn't believe that I was getting it (I'm super lame. I know) but I am happy. Ready for your hint?

Love this stuff so far :D

P.s. Tell your friends about Fancy Phalanges because when I hit the 50 followers mark I'm going to have a giveaway!!!


  1. I like giveaways :) I can't wait to see different variations of the leopard striped!