Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm bad... I know

Ok I know I've been saying this for the last 3 posts but I swear... This is the last time I leave you for a long time. It's been a while since I've posted so it's going to be a bunch of nail posts.. I feel like I'm getting more into nail art rather than just painting my nails a color.

These were fun. I used Essie Bikini So Teenie and a stamping plate.

These were my Easter nails. My favorite was the sheep. Baaaa!

Water marbling :D

Polka dots that matched one of my shirts

My fun drip nails. Reminds me of doughnuts :)

This is Mod Nails Technicolor Noise. I loved how fun this was. I needed to cut my nails asap because this is just way too long.

I did these for my boyfriends graduation. Michigan Tech. YAY!

This is Wicked Polish Pox with just a cheetah on top.

This is another Mod color. I cant remember off hand what it was called but it reminded me of one of those giant jaw breakers..

Everyone kept telling me that these reminded them of leaves.. However I was going for tribal.. Oh well...

These were my Memorial Day nails. What better way to show your support than with flags on your fingers?

Another water marble

This is Wicked Polish- Drunk in Public. I am pretty sure this is my all time favorite polish. I need more of it because it is used so often...

I even added some chevrons to them. I painted a piece of tape and cut pieces with scrap booking scissors and then put a topcoat. Sadly it didn't last long. They peeled off quickly.

Well this is going to be the first post since I have left you all (whoever you are that reads this) in the dark of my manicures.

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