Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Friday Everyone!!

So today I wasn't feeling well again but I needed to paint my nails because they were naked for too long. I found the new Nicki Minaj collection at my local JCPenny's and I picked up two of them. These were the most appealing to me since the others seemed like I have seen them elsewhere. And also I don't really like light green on my nails. Personal preference...
Any who, I wanted to use both of the polishes in one manicure so I have on my nails OPI Fly and on my ring finger as an accent nail I have OPI Metallic 4 Life. Both colors are beautiful and I actually have used the Metallic one before.
I really had a hard time photographing the black since it isn't really black. Its almost black but it seems grey with the shiny silver glitters (oh the glitters) and this isn't a good representation of the blue either. The camera wouldn't cooperate as well as I would've hoped but the rest are the best I could get.
(Sorry I'm so white)
This one was horribly blury but look at how sparkly the Metallic one is :)
That one is probably the best one.. But didn't represent the blue as well as it is in real life
This is a really good representation of the blue. It's like it wants to be a teal but it wants to be an aqua as well. I dont know but it is super pretty.

I like this look personally. How do you all feel about accent nails? Yay or nay?

Overall I like the quality of these polishes. Not too runny or streaky. Hope you all can pick up either one of these colors for yourself to try. You won't be disappointed.

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