Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sick :(

I hate being sick. It is probably one of the worst feelings ever. I was supposed to go this weekend and meet Barry from Storage Wars (love that show) but I can't anymore because it would not be pretty. I hope I will be able to meet him another time. I cant even sleep so I am watching The Big Bang Theory online... Good show :)

So I'm super excited that I have 2 followers already even though it was just the first day. I'm not quite sure how to get any more other than to just put this all out there. So just to there any color of polish that you all just go towards? Blue is where I aim my sights. Every time I pick out a blue, I can't put it down even if I know that I may already have that color.

Even thought this sickness will probably stay, I will paint my nails today and put up a picture later.

Hope everyone is having a good night!!

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