Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jagged Sunday

Hey all! This weekend has blown by so fast. Sorry I haven't updated in a while. It was a busy time for me but I had a good time because my friend came to visit for the weekend. I miss her.

Anyways... So we were watching Law and Order: SVU and painting our nails and I tried to do some fancy things with purple and it didn't turn out like I wanted SO I started all over again. This time I just painted with my new Avon color: Blue Escape. I left that on for a while and then I wanted to do something else with it so I cut some scotch tape and did zigzag tips with Wet & Wild Black Cream.

I figured out that when you are using tape for your mani, it works to use the scotch tape that is clear. Every time I tried to use the kind that was smoky or not completely see through, it rips when I attempt to pull it up. Then it's stuck to my nail and I can't get it off and it doesn't work.

I really like this blue color. I have something similar but it doesn't come out on the nails like that. It looks like that in the bottle but comes out much darker on the nail.

So after all the tape I put a coat of Essie's Good To GO. It make's it really shiny. I like it :)

When my friend Kate came up, she brought with her many polishes from Sally's Beauty Supply since I dont have that up here. I love her :).

I hope you all have a week :)

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  1. I hope to see new creations with those polishes! This Avon blue loves the camera -- looks great!