Monday, March 12, 2012

Polka dot french

Hey all! Happy Monday :)

I saw this manicure on one of the sites that I follow and I dont remember what one so if you happen to see it let me know. Anyways I started out with China Glaze For Audry. Then I used my scotch tape to make a diagonal line and painted it with Wet N Wild Black Cream. After I put on a coat of SV, I used Pure Ice Superstar with my dotting tool and then put a stripe of white using the Kiss Nail stripper. Then I topped it off with my Essie top coat.

I like it and everything but I wish the stripe across was more straight. It's a cute idea but I need to have a steadier hand.

I hope you all enjoy this.

I seriously CANT wait until I can do my St. Patrick's day mani that I am planning. Nothing fancy but I am excited about it.

Hope you all have a good week!!

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