Monday, February 6, 2012

:( So sad

So tonight I was eating dinner with the BF and I was helping him wash dishes. I was drying his glass and my hand slipped causing my thumb nail to crack off against the glass. It was very painful and it broke far down so since I dont like uneven nails, I had to cut them all down and let me tell you, they are SHORT. I can't believe how short they are. It feels really weird and it makes me sad but they will grow back soon. My nails grow pretty fast which is good but I have to say until then I probably wont make another nail post. I dont like them this short with polish. I think they look a little off so until they grow a bit, I will be back. Sorry :(. I am boycotting helping with dishes now haha. Wish me luck and hope my nails grow back twice as fast for you all.

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